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App Store Optimization Technique to Offer Organic Ranking to Applications

App store optimization is one of the most used techniques to offer increased ranking to your application through the organic way.

With the ongoing popularity of mobile app development, the importance of app store optimization is increasing in the similar manner. App store optimization techniques are important for the professionals as it helps them to offer higher rankings to their apps. It is all about ranking your app higher in the searches.

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When it comes to utilizing the SEO techniques, there are a number of such methods available that can be utilized. And, when the number of elements are available in such a wide range, it is a bit difficult to decide which one to be utilize. In order to make the job easier, here is a brief on the techniques that are utilized the most.


Keyword optimization

Exceptional keyword optimization techniques help your keyword rank on the top. As the name suggests, the process is done by tweaking the app keywords. An extensive keyword research is required when it comes to choosing the right keyword for your app. This will also help to target the users in a specific way. Keyword relevancy along with the times a keyword is repeated will also matter when optimizing the keywords. There are a number of such tools that are available for optimizing the keywords for your app.


Language and localization

This completes the requirement when it is all about optimizing for a single language. Localization will help you increase the overall relevancy and the ranking as well. This means that your app must have relevant keywords for almost all the languages your app has been built in. It happens in a number of cases that a keyword which is relevant in one language is not found relevant in others. The most important thing is to get into the head of the users to survive successfully.


App category

It is important to give info on the category of your app. The analytics of app category needs to be similar as of the focused keywords. In addition to all this, balancing the relevancy of the app in the category is another important concern to keep into your consideration. Moreover, if you end with the category in the big names, the app is not likely to get much exposure. Thus, posting your app in the category that seems relevant to the work your app does should always be considered.


App rating and feedback

What users think of your app is important for the overall app ranking. Additionally, the rating of your app is also going to influence its overall ranking. Moreover, the app raking, its rating and the download percentage are related to each other in a number of manner. Thus, your apps must have positive feedbacks in all the conditions. In case, any negative comment appears, try to reply it as soon as possible. It is all in making a positive image of your app for its successful survival.


Regular evaluation

A regular check of the app ranking is one of the most important elements to evaluate its overall performance. While evaluating the performance of your app, keep in mind to check all the above mentioned criteria too. Try to bring changes as per the requirement in all the above mentioned criteria. Drop in the actual ranking of your keyword is something that can easily harm the reputation of your application in the market.



All these app store optimization techniques if done effectively can help your app get the best visibility in the market. In addition to all this, the popularity of your app among the users also matters and thus it is an ideal choice to include the elements that seem user centric.


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